Welcome to the World of Shamanic Healing with Isobel

Embark on a transformative journey with Isobel, an accomplished practitioner in the profound traditions of Andean Shamanism. Trained in the sacred teachings of the Quiero medicine people of the Andes and the Amaro tradition of Peru, Isobel stands as a full mesa holder—a steward of the ancient medicine wheel. Her journey, marked by personal healing, has led her to master the art of weaving harmony between the three worlds, connecting Earth and cosmos.

Andean Shamanic Wisdom

Isobel’s expertise lies in the restoration of balance and harmony—a shamanic calling aimed at realigning individuals, their environments, and the world. Drawing from the legacy of the Inca Prophecies, she brings forth a spiritual lineage that spans thousands of years.

As a Chakruna, Isobel acts as a bridge between the physical and non-physical realms, offering a guiding light through life’s challenging experiences. Her role is to diminish the weight of negative energies and facilitate a journey towards healing and rejuvenation.

Treatments Offered

  1. Illumination Process:
    • Metabolize heavy energies congesting your chakras.
    • Promote longevity and strengthen the immune system.
    • Clear imprints of physical and emotional experiences.
    • Restore balance for the universe to work in your favor.
    • This is the first step before other treatments.
  2. Andean Soul Retrieval:
    • Reclaim lost fragments of your soul for holistic healing.
  3. Parasite and Intrusive Energy Removal:
    • Purge negative influences that hinder your well-being.
  4. Ancestral Healing:
    • Mend ancestral ties, fostering a harmonious connection.

Healing Spaces: Home, Land, and Office

We humans are energy beings with an energy history. We all have our own individual personalities. Our homes also have their own personalities. The land and homes we live in hold energetic history from famine, family feuds, misfortune, curses and incarnate spirits, etc. All of these form negative energy which can cause stagnation in homeland and also in our health.

Isobel delves into the energetic essence of your space, conducting divination to identify issues, consulting with you, and employing shamanic methods to cleanse and bless. The process culminates in a Despacho offering—a sacred act to restore harmony and manifest your intentions.

Experience the profound impact of Shamanic healing with Isobel, where ancient wisdom meets modern transformation. Embrace a life in harmony with the cosmos, guided by the compassionate hands of a seasoned shaman.


What is included?

(1) a divination is carried out to determine what the problem consists of

(2) a consultation with the homeowner

(3) shamanic methods to clear the problems

(4) Despacho offering to regain harmony and balance and clients wishes for the place