Big congratulations to Ann Coffey who has successfully completed Reiki Third and Fourth Degree in the Usui System of Natural Healing and has been awarded the status of Usui Reiki Master/Teacher.

Anne Reiki Master

Fennel:  one of the nine Anglo-Saxon sacred herbs. Traditionally used for indigestion, bloating, IBS, spasms of digestive tract. Also for coughs and producing milk in nursing mothers. Learn all about it in my upcoming course.Fennel

I have just gathered Artemisia vulgaris (Mugwort) and it is just ready to be dried…. Harvesting herbs and the various methods of drying and storing herbs will be fully explained in the upcoming workshops in October.


Preparing Calendula officinalis : Traditional use externally for nappy rash, dry rough skin and eczema. Getting ready to make an infused oil which you can learn and do on my upcoming course.


Vouchers available for Reiki, BioEnergy, Herbal Consultations & Courses

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Dear Friends, please see details of courses I’m running … kindly share with those that may be interested, best wishes, Isobel

A very happy bunch of budding Herbalists having just concluded Introduction to Herbalism Course 1 with Wicklow Herbalist Isobel Keeling.

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I had a great time today in this amazing herb garden in Glenealy National School. What a great bunch of kids. It’s great to see our future generation learning how to grow their own food. Tom O’Hanlon Herbs did a fantastic job. What a great gift!

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Thanks to Wicklow Rotary for the invite… I totally enjoyed giving the talkimage

Upcoming talk:
Thursday 27th April 8pm East Glendalough School


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