There is a big difference between a baby been born through the birth canal or by a Caesarean section. And this has to do with Microbes.(bacteria) As a baby is been born through the birth canal, that babys first microbes will primarily come from his/her mothers vaginal micobiome. A healthy womans vagina primarily consists of Lactobacillus, which is a genus of bacteria containing many species that are important for human health. A baby been born through a Caesarean section will miss out on these benficial microbes, and instead of the babys microbes resembling the vaginal community, its first microbes will look more like those found on human skin. The vaginal microbiome are similar to the skin microbes, but there is quite a distinct differences in there community.
And this is were we see asthma, ecezma, and food allergies etc more so in Caesarean born babies.
How can we help?
1. The mum takes a good probiotic juring and after birth.
2.The mum gives the new born a probiotic, Udos choice and Opticbac do one for babies Or the mum takes one and it comes through the breast milk.

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