HAIR CARE with Natural Products
The condition of your hair reflects your overall body health. So it is not just about what hair products you use, it is about having a healthy diet and not being deficient in certain vitamins and minerals. Here are some tips for hair growth and a lovely condition….

• Vitamin B complex- important for the health and growth of the hair.
• Biotin- vital for hair growth, deficiency has been linked to hair loss.
• Essential fatty acids- improves hair texture, prevents dry, brittle hair.
• Vitamin C- Aids in improving scalp circulation helps with the antioxidant action in hair follicles.
• Horsetail—a good source of silica, necessary for strong, shiny hair.

• Coconut oil- nourishes, strengthens, conditions hair.
• Castor oil- Helps to keep your colour, and prevent greying, helps the hair to grow by cleaning the scum off the scalp that ordinary shampoo, gels, hair spray leave behind.
• Apple cider vinegar or sage tea as a rinse to help hair grow.
• Tea tree oil combats bacteria and mites that may cause hair loss. Massage 10 drops into the scalp, and then shampoo your hair in the usual fashion.
• Hair is fragile when it is wet. Gently pat your hair dry and squeeze out remaining moisture with a towel.
• Brush hair 100 times.
• Use natural products on the hair, in most Health stores.

• Eat a Diet high in fruit and vegetables and low in starch. Fruit and veg contain flavonoids, many of which are antioxidants that may provide protection for the hair follicles and encourage hair growth.
• Eat plenty of biotin rich foods. Good sources are brewers yeast (not if you have Candida overgrowth), brown rice, bulgar wheat, green peas, lentils, oats, soybeans, sunflower seeds and walnuts.
• Avoid crash diets and diets that neglect any of the food groups. These can cause deficiencies in nutrients that are detrimental to the hair.

• If you have dark hair- Rosemary will keep your hair healthy, shiny, and dark.
• After you have washed your hair, put a few drops of rosemary oil on your hair brush and brush it through. It won’t make your hair greasy. Or you can get the same effect by using rosemary infusion for the final rinse after shampooing.
• Chamomile is for light hair, use in the same way as above.

• Caroway – stimulant, encourages hair growth and aids scalp problems
• Cederwood – anti-septic and stimulant to scalp, reduces greasy dandruff and helps to renew hair growth
• Clary Sage – regenerative, improves poor hair growth
• Juniper – antibacterial, antiseptic and reduces greasy dandruff and greasy hair
• Rosemary – stimulating to circulation and helps renew hair growth
• Ylang Ylang – tonic to scalp and aids hair growth

Add 8-10 drops of any of the essential oils to 50mls of shampoo and wash hair.
Give yourself a daily scalp massage with soothing essential oils, mixed in a carrier oil (e.g. sesame seed oil) to prevent early hair loss.


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